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Critical thinking skills. Finding and using reliable factual information to understand events.

Our curriculum begins in Middle School with a combined grade 6/7 course which focuses on introducing historical thinking skills while examining topics in US History. In 8th grade, students continue their focus on building skills, but the course content shifts to world geography and global current events. Students in the 9th grade take a World History survey course which looks at both Western and non-Western societies starting with the Ancient Greeks and moving forward to present day. Students take a US History survey course in 10th grade and then move into either an AP course or electives in 11th grade. World Religions, Introduction to the Bible, or Ethics during their 11th-grade year completes their requirement.

Advanced Placement course offerings include AP Economics, AP Government and Politics, and AP Psychology.

History Department Faculty

Rich Bailey


Tabitha Bailey


Kelly Garlinski

Titles: History Instructor

Lee Miller


Patrick Schaefer

Titles: Upper School Director, History Instructor
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